The Kegi team has been manufacturing and supplying high quality tooling components for the majority of their careers.  Founded by a team of ambitious and qualified professionals from within the industries served, Kegi America (USA/North America) and Kegi Industries (South Korea/Asia) merged a wealth of experience and skill into a partnership that would earn a world-class reputation as a leading die/mold and general tooling component supplier. 

Mr. Burt (Kegi America) and Mr. Choi (Kegi Industries), along with several other experienced staff members with vast product and tooling knowledge, combined their strengths to create a valuable source for the markets they served.  They promised at the time of company launch that they would always operate with a quality foundation of unwavering ethics and quality workmanship.  They believe this core foundation will allow their partnership to achieve world-class service at the lowest-prices to their customers.

The Kegi global network has earned numerous customer approvals in many markets:

  • Construction and Mining Equipment Manufacturers:  Large Diameter Bronze Components, Spherical Bushings (GEZ...types), etc.
  • Die Builders: Bronze Wear Components, Cam Units, Wearstrips, Wearplate, Bronze Bushings, etc.
  • Mold Builders:  Bronze Wear Components, Square Gibs, L-Gibs, Bronze Bushings, Specials, Plain Bronze or Self-Lubricating (w/Graphite Plugs), etc.
  • General Machine Tool Builders:  Specials made to customer print, Thrust Washers, Special Self-Lubricating Wearplate (w/Graphite Plugs), Self-Lubricating Bronze Bushings, etc...
  • Distribution and Commodity Suppliers:  Variety of Tooling Components purchased for resale and tool management purposes.
  • NAAMSTM  Variety of components specified in the North American Automotive Metric Standards.
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